ABSTRARTS Thinking, Lda., is an Architecture and Engineering firm based in Lisbon, that appears in the logical continuity of the fusion of expertise and idiosyncrasy of its creators. Supported by a strong, dynamic and experienced team in different areas, Abstrarts connects the specifics of various disciplines in order to obtain the best results for it\\\'s clients, through a philosophy based on two fundamental principles that guide the approach to design, development and implementation of the project:

  • The uniqueness of each conceptual solution, expressing and reflecting the respective social and cultural surroundings, specifics of each site or region, seeking above all to intervene in a manner closely inspired by the shapes, horizons or specific elements of each site, while respecting history, nature and projecting its meaning and representativeness.

  • The fusion of arts and solutions, through integrated design of architectural and engineering since the initial proposal stage, until materialization in the final project construction.

These assumptions are a real asset to our clients interests, increasing levels of project optimization, with the consequent increase in business profitability ratio / investment for a precondition for successful negotiation in the current competitive market in real estate and construction industry.